How many times have you said, “When I have time”?

When I have time I will write, when I have time I will proofread, when I have time I will send out my manuscript?

Truth is when you have time it may be too late, you will miss your opportunity or miss that second to record that creativity stirring in your mind that could have been the next best seller.

You don’t have time to write, but yet you have time to spout off excuses of why you have no time.

It takes 21 days to develop a habit, 21 days for you to program some time into your day for writing. After those 21 days its becomes as natural and innate as breathing.

Challenge yourself today and this month to set aside some time to write. Some people sit down and say ok what am I going to write.  Write anything.  Describe a dream you had, what you did thus far in the day, write about a person you know, write about yourself.  Writing does not mean creating an elaborate story, it just means writing.

When you start writing the more other ideas will come.

March forth(4th) and stop procrastinating what you truly want to accomplish.

Aren’t your dreams worth at least just 30 minutes out of your 24-hour day????



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