Today I went back to the story that I have been writing for the past few months.

Imagine my surprise when I insert my USB into my laptop and click to open the file, which I have my files titled as to what the story is that is saved there.  (Neat system.)  So I clicked on my title and low and behold another file had been saved there.  My body started shaking, I mean uncontrollably my arms and upper torso tremored, I felt my heart racing.  I tried to recover my written over file, but all the backups say that they are corrupted and can not open.  I do not remember overwriting my file and now I have two of the same files listed under two different names, but tomorrow I will go to the library, switch to a different computer and see what I can find.

*Fingers crossed*  I am hoping a successful recovery as I was half way done.  I can not even phantom starting my story all over.


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