Has this ever happened to anyone???  

Be honest…as I about to be truthful with you all.

A few months ago I had this idea for a story..I thought this idea was so bizarre but yet it could be believable, at least to me it could be.

You know how you teeter on the idea can this idea be conceivable as potentially happening or is it just way off on left field somewhere.  

The plot was a lonely lady, dealing with heartbreak in her life began feeding the squirrels in the neighborhood and developed a bond, I guess you would call it a bond a trainer to trainee kind of bond.   Anyways she would train this squirrels to become murders to people she set the squirrels out to attack..  I was still working out the whole plotline to figure out how to create this outlandish crazy idea to actually make sense that it could possibly happen.  

Well low and behold I see the local newspaper in my state… This was the article:
Yeah, so I guess my story doesn’t seem so far-fetched afterall.  

If you haven’t clicked the link, oh please do so.  Her arrest photo is awesome!!!!

Has anyone ever had an idea that they thought was so crazy that you thought it too unbelievable to happen and then you discover it has?



So if you read my blog, then you have already read and know that I have been reading these collection of books written about Michigan murders.  

Well I am on my 3rd book by the same author, Tom Henderson, and my dad asks, “Why are you intrigued with these stories?”

I told him, “It helps with my creative juices”

He stutters, “Should I worry about being safe in the home..”

I just laugh…and left it at that…


(Ah the life of a writer)