So I am curious.  I was going to start posting some of my writings online on my blog, however, I have been reading some of these rules for contests out there and they state that you can not enter them if you or the writing has been published and when you read further it states that posting on a blog, social media, website, etc no matter how little or big the piece of writing is, that is considered being published and then thus now you are disqualified from entering.

Has anyone come across this?  I know back in my hay day I had some poems published on, so I guess I was a published writer and didn’t even know it .

I am guessing no more writing my works on social media and such asking for critiques as that nullifies my changes at entering contests that may be available.


I bet you Snoopy never had this problem with his writing.



So I am reading this true Michigan murder mystery story.  I go online to search names to find out what had happened as the book is like 8 years old and it left me saying the guy was going to appeal the verdict and I wanted to see what ever became of the appeal.  So I Google names, I came across a website, it’s a blog in fact, of all these cases in Michigan and what transpired in the court; many being written by the Michigan attorney defending the case.  It was a dream find…something that just starts the creative writing juices. I sqve the page as a bookmark..

I go back to the site today, our intent provider has denied me access to the site stating I need to call them.  For reals, I am like it’s not like I’m watching underage porn or something, I am reading about true Michigan Murder cases written by people who were part of the process.

ATT Uverse you suck.
Has your research every ended with your internet company denying you access??